Employment and Commercial

Representative Cases

  • Terminations of CFO of retail food chain, CEO of software company, CEO of medical practice, and multiple senior executives of financial services companies
  • Wage and hour class actions involving alleged misclassification of independent contractors in medical practice, technology, and other industries
  • Allegations of sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and other forms of discrimination
  • Non-competition claim against departing vice president of sales of software company
  • Breach of fiduciary obligations by corporate officers
  • Retaliation for alleging wage and hour violations
  • Dissolution of various professional partnerships
  • Termination of doctor in group medical office
  • Whistleblowing claims under Sarbanes-Oxley, banking, homeland security, and medical fraud statutes


Cases are typically filed pursuant to procedures specified in individually negotiated contracts, company handbooks and dispute resolution procedures, or the rules of an administering agency, such as the American Arbitration Association.

Parties are required to sign the Agreement for Arbitration and a pre-hearing conference call is scheduled. During the call, the parties identify the nature of the case and develop a schedule covering discovery, pre-hearing motions, and hearings. Parties are billed for the estimated cost of the proceeding and their respective share of this fee must be prepaid promptly after the initial pre-hearing conference call.


$800 an hour for all time spent in case administration, hearings, and study, with a six hour minimum for all scheduled days of hearing. Minimum daily charges for all postponements and cancellations of arbitrations with less than four weeks notice for a single day of hearing, eight weeks for two hearing days, and twelve weeks for three or more hearing days.

Travel time in excess of one hour is charged at the hourly rate; travel expenses are billed.
Fees are allocated in accordance with the parties’ agreement and applicable statutes.