CubeCurrent and Past
           Arbitrator Panels

  • Impartial Arbitration Chair, Major League Baseball Players Association and Major League Baseball
  • AFSCME, Council 93 and Boston Medical Center
  • AFSCME, Council 93 and City of Boston
  • Electric Boat Corporation and the Metal Trades Council
  • Electric Boat Corporation and the Marine Draftsmen's Association
  • GE and IUE
  • IBEW and New England Harness Raceway
  • Maine State Employees Association and State of Maine (non-select cases)

  • Major League Baseball Players Association and Major League Baseball (salary arbitration)
  • SEIU, Local 2020 and Boston Medical Center
  • Teamsters Local 633 and Frito-Lay
  • USWA, Local 8751 and First Student, Inc.
  • United Mineworkers of America 1993 Benefit Plan (labor-management trustee deadlock cases)
  • Virgin Island Public Employee Relations Board
  • Yale University and Local 34, FUE

CubeIndustries & Sectors

All areas of the public sector, including fire, police, schools, higher education, transportation, public works, health care, and social services.

Private sectors case in construction, retail, transportation, utilities, telecommunication, manufacturing, health care, mining, financial services, and higher education.


$3000 per day for grievance arbitration hearing and study time. $800 an hour for all impasse work, including mediation and interest arbitration. $1000 for ERISA and Multi-Employer Pension Plan cases, plus liability insurance coverage or payment of premiums. Six hour daily minimum.

Per diem for grievance arbitration, or minimum daily charge for all other matters, for all postponements and cancellations of arbitrations with less than four weeks notice for a single day of hearing, eight weeks for two hearing days, and twelve weeks for three or more hearing days.

Travel time in excess of one hour is charged at the hourly rate or as a percentage of the per diem, depending on which is applicable; travel expenses are billed.

All fees are split in accordance with the provisions of the parties' agreement.

CubeProfessional Affiliations

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bar
  • National Academy of Arbitrators – past chairperson, New England Region
  • American Arbitration Association Panels for Labor Arbitration, Commercial Arbitration, Employment Disputes, Employee Benefit Disputes, Multi-Employer Pension Plan Withdrawal Liability Disputes

  • Massachusetts Bar Association – past positions include chairperson, Committee on Labor Contract Administration; member, Labor Law Section Executive Council; co-chair, Mediator Selection and Training Committee for MCAD Pro Bono Mediation Project; member, Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
  • American Bar Association – past neutral co-chair of ADR in Labor and Employment Law Committee

  • College of Labor and Employment Lawyers
  • Selected for
    The Best Lawyers in America
    New England Superlawyers
    Boston's Best Lawyers